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Easiest way to request money from your customers.

Easily request money or payments from friends or clients with GigPay and blow those everyday little odd jobs off your list.

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User Friendly Money Request System.

Requesting money is an efficien way of asking for money you owed. by Use GigPay system to send money, receive money or transfer money from your nearest & dearest ones.

1Register Account

You will be required to first be a registered user, proceed to login into your account and enter your card or bank details information which is required for you to ask for money.

2 Hassle Free

No more worrying about banking stress. Request money online to reduce pressure and irritation.

3Request Money

Request money from virtually anywhere in the world with Gig Pay

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Can Send Money By Mobile Phone

Now, you have no trouble for having cash money. Anyone can send money from their card, bank account, paypal balance or other paymentgateway. You will notify via an simple email.

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