Frequent Ask Questions

Follow these steps:

Register an account.

Verify your account by uploading your Identification card.

Select the country you are sending from.

Select the country you are sending to.

Enter the amount and complete the required information.

Proceed to checkout and pay using the available payment methods.

We have a variety of services to choose from and each service has a different fee depending on the mode of the transfer. Kindly select your preferred service in other to have a live view of the current fees because they might change over time. 

PayPal support over 200 countries and 25 send and receive countries. Bitcoin and Perfect Money are also accepted almost everywhere in the world, with gig pay you have all in one place to move money around.

We accept the following Identification documents:

National Identification card


Driving License 

New Voters ID Card

Note: all identification documents must be valid for at least three months, Provide only clear and readable documents with no background information.

Some transactions can be pending or delayed, we reviewed each transaction carefully before processing it. Be patient, these mostly happened because of delaying of crypto confirmations or security reasons. 

With us, you don’t have to worry We make sure all transactions are completed successfully and if there’s a need for cancellation and refund we will surely do so within 24 hours. We guarantee you a 100% safe and secure services.

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